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Meet Mylee - extremely pigmented, vegan, odorless hybrid nail polishes!

British bestseller already in Poland! These are super-durable, non-allergic hybrid nail polishes that have already been loved by 4 million women

Are you looking for reliable products for home manicure? Are you sharpening your nails for nail polishes that impress with their durability and color intensity? You've come to the right place! No more chipping or cracked hybrid. From now on, you can create salon-like styles in the comfort of your home thanks to Mylee.

The English bestseller enters the Polish market - we present quality that has never been seen before. Get to know Mylee - a brand loved by over 4 million women. Our products have achieved hit status, including: in the UK. Now it's time for them to enchant you too!

Well-groomed hands are every woman's calling card. That is why hybrid manicure has become one of the most popular services offered in beauty salons. However, constantly on the run, long appointment times and the relatively high price of the procedure have made more and more people decide to have their nails cared for at home.

If you belong to this group, you certainly know the weaknesses of home styling products from domestic brands. Has it also happened to you that the nail polish chipped or fell off after just a few days? Or maybe you have developed an unpleasant allergy to hybrid? We have found a solution to these problems!

Home styling in a salon style

The COVID-19 pandemic blocked the beauty industry sector for many months. However, this does not mean that women have stopped taking care of themselves. Many of them tried their hand at nail styling and found a way to relax in a new activity. And although life has returned to normal and the pandemic has slowed down significantly, the love for home manicure has not disappeared.

We share your passion! That's why we have created an innovative set for nail styling at home. These products are intended for conscious women who want to stand out with a phenomenal manicure. That's why Mylee's offer includes, among others: a super strong LED PRO lamp, which, thanks to its innovative formula, hardens the varnish in just 15-30 seconds. We also offer extremely pigmented hybrid varnishes in over 150 shades.

As the only cruelty-free brand on the market, we focus on vegan recipes without toxic, allergenic ingredients. We guarantee salon quality and perfect nails without chipping for up to three weeks.

Mylee hybrid nail polishes:

  • they do not contain toxic parabens, so you minimize the risk of unpleasant irritations;
  • are suitable for vegans because we do not test our products on animals:
  • they will save you time and money - by doing a manicure at home you can save up to PLN 3,000. PLN per year!

And when you want to change the color, then...
You can effectively remove old styling using our innovative liquid. Mylee's Magic Gel Removal works in just six minutes! Without foil, acetone and unpleasant odor.

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