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Why do women prefer Mylee?

See what distinguishes us on the Polish market of hybrid manicure products!

Mylee is the only 100% vegan cruelty-free brand with products for home hybrid manicure. What else distinguishes our nail polishes from others available on the Polish cosmetics market? We put our cards on the table and say: I call! Ready for a little duel?

In the left corner there is an extremely pigmented MyGel by Mylee hybrid varnish. A product that has already been loved by 4 million women in the UK. In the right - varnish from a leading brand on the Polish market. Let's check how they compare in each category!

Round 1 - Paint Capacity

Mylee hybrid nail polishes are available in large 10 ml bottles. This is as much as 30% more than the competition, which offers its varnishes in 7 ml bottles. Thanks to their covering properties and gel consistency, which makes application easier, MyGel by Mylee nail polishes are extremely efficient. One bottle should be enough for up to 14 treatments in your home beauty salon. This gives a cost of approximately PLN 3 for one manicure!

1-0 for Mylee!

Round 2 - Lineup

Mylee customers can be sure that they will not find toxic, allergenic HEMA ingredients, sulfates or parabens in ANY of our products. How is the competition? Good intentions appear, but one line of hema free is not enough! 2:0 for us!

Round 3 - Cruelty Free

Competition is important to us. Mylee is a 100% vegan and cruelty-free brand. This means that none of our products and their ingredients have been tested on animals, either by us or by third parties. Our products do not contain any ingredients of animal origin. This is a very important element of our brand identity. The competition is not transparent in this matter. Plus for noticing the trend and launching a vegan line! Still 3-0 for Mylee. Sorry guys.

Round 4 - Ease of application

Our MyGel by Mylee hybrid varnishes are so popular, among other things, because of their ease of application. You don't have to be experienced in DIY hybrids to handle them perfectly. This is not only due to the consistency and pigmentation that we have already mentioned. It's also a matter of the bristles from which our brushes are made and the ergonomic shape of the bottle, which fits perfectly in the hand. 4:0

Round 5 - Lamp

Our ultra-fast LED lamps by Mylee harden the varnish in as little as 15 seconds. The ability to put your entire hand into the lamp increases the comfort and speed of the treatment, and the reflective interior ensures precise hardening of each nail. Thanks to the removable metal tray, the Mylee lamp is also suitable for pedicures. The competitor's lamp is smaller and the thumb must be hardened separately. Guess we've got the winner… 5:0!

We are not impartial? Maybe. But millions of women on Amazon UK do! Check out their opinions and be sure to join our Mylee My Look Facebook group, connecting myleeholics from all over Europe! Better yet, see for yourself!

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