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Christmas manicure 2022 – discover the most fashionable colors of hybrid nail polishes for Christmas!

If you are a Christmas freak and already in autumn you start burning gingerbread-scented candles, decorating your apartment with atmospheric lamps, collecting gifts for your loved ones and slowly turning into a Christmas elf - then welcome to the club.

We too can't wait for Christmas. That's why we have already prepared for you a list of the most fashionable colors of hybrid nail polishes in the upcoming winter, with the help of which you can easily create amazing styles in a wonderful, festive atmosphere.

While last year was dominated by classic, subdued shades of burgundy and navy blue, Christmas 2022 promises to be much bolder! Gold, glam, juicy reds, deep greens - Christmas classics, but in an exceptionally energetic, modern version. Here are the top 12 nail polish colors for Christmas 2022 !

Psstt, here's a hint - nail polishes in Christmas colors are a great gift idea for St. Nicholas Day for every manicure lover!

12 most fashionable hybrid nail polishes for Christmas 2022


Mylee mylee goldy locks hybrid varnish Christmas manicure in gold

To quote a classic - golden, but modest! This beautiful, champagne shade of gold is perfect for both Christmas and New Year's Eve. Its shiny particles bring to mind Christmas decorations and elegant jewelry. A manicure in this color will be an original, elegant complement to your holiday styling.

Mylee mylee gold mines hybrid varnish - glamorous Christmas manicure 

This polish looks like a million dollars. This is real Christmas magic, closed in a small bottle. Shiny particles of various sizes based on a golden-copper shade will allow you to achieve a real glamor effect that will add elegance to your Christmas and New Year's Eve outfits.

Mylee mylee the real teal hybrid varnish - Christmas manicure inspired by the Christmas tree

A deep, turquoise shade is a perfect idea for a Christmas manicure. It perfectly suits every complexion and goes perfectly with navy blue, white, red and gold. It's definitely worth having in your December collection!

Mylee mylee green velvet hybrid varnish – green holiday manicure

 This captivating, elegant emerald shade looks lovely with both a shimmery and matte finish. It fits perfectly into the Christmas atmosphere.

Mylee mylee as red as it gets hybrid varnish - a classic Christmas manicure

Deep red, an absolute classic of the holiday season. What can I say, red varnish is always a good idea! Beautiful red nails perfectly fit into the solemn, magical atmosphere of family Christmas gatherings.

Mylee mylee diva hybrid varnish - Christmas manicure in a wine shade 

An amazing, deep shade, reminiscent of red mulled wine. A perfect, slightly more subdued proposition for the holidays .

Mylee mylee silver screen hybrid varnish - Christmas manicure of the Snow Queen

A frosty, metallic silver shade will add a bit of winter magic to any styling. A perfect alternative to gold and red, for women who like to stand out in the crowd.

Mylee mylee cozy nights hybrid varnish - Christmas manicure in a nude version

A proposition for lovers of a more natural look. An elegant, subdued nude manicure, reminiscent of Christmas coffee liqueur. You can finish your nails painted this way with a shiny top coat or add a bit of icing shine by applying a layer of iridescent varnish.

Mylee mylee gold digger hybrid varnish – the star of Christmas manicure

 We can't decide which shade of gold we like the most from our proposals, but we know one thing - you can't take your eyes off this color. Dense gold and silver glitter embedded in a gold base will make you feel like a real star this holiday season.

Mylee turquoise bauble hybrid varnish - Christmas manicure in turquoise

This nail polish has everything to be a perfect gift for the holidays. Deep, elegant green and a magical blink. All we want for christmas is Mylee Bauble!

Mylee mylee access all areas hybrid varnish - Christmas manicure in rose gold.

Pink and gold varnish, reminiscent of pink champagne, is a perfect proposition for those of you who love to stand out. Perfect color for Christmas and New Year. Brick glam effect.

Mylee mylee festive lights hybrid varnish - festive orange manicure

Finally, a proposition for the brave. Holographic glitter in a transparent, vivid orange color. With its help, you can easily achieve a holo effect that will diversify and add character to your holiday stylings. Just apply a few layers and, of course, secure with a top coat.

Christmas manicure with a 3-week durability

To enjoy a flawless manicure without chips throughout the holiday season, from St. Nicholas Day to New Year's Day, remember the proper technique of performing a hybrid manicure. Always apply the varnish on top of the cured base coat. Apply as many layers of colored varnish as necessary to provide satisfactory coverage. In the case of Mylee nail polishes - two layers are usually enough. Finally, protect your manicure with a top coat with a matte or glossy finish - whatever you like. Cure the varnishes under an LED or UV lamp.

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