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Find out how to save up to PLN 6,000 using our sets

Do you realize that a regular manicure, waxing and eyebrow tinting performed in a salon costs up to PLN 6,000? PLN per year?

If you book a manicure every 3 weeks and spend PLN 120 each time, that's PLN 2,000 a year for nail care alone. When you add monthly waxing and eyebrow and eyelash tinting, the total cost can be PLN 6,000 or more.

A flawless, fresh manicure and smooth skin make us feel great. It's definitely worth treating yourself to some luxury from time to time. However, this luxury doesn't have to cost a fortune! Mylee's offer includes products that provide quality straight from the best salons, and do not even require leaving the comfort of your home.

Be sure to check out our sets ! There you will find everything you need to do your nails, wax and color your eyebrows and eyelashes at home. With these sets, you will have salon quality at your fingertips - silky smooth skin and a hybrid manicure without chips.

The set includes absolutely all the elements you need to perform a hybrid manicure - Mylee Pro LED lamp, nail files, cuticle oil, top coat, base and 4 carefully selected, beautiful varnishes from the Spring/Summer collection. Our Mylee Pro LED lamp hardens hybrid varnish in just 15-30 seconds!

Get a wonderful manicure that will last up to 3 weeks! No chips, damage or deformation to the paint. Mylee hybrid nail polishes are vegan, cruelty-free, 100% safe and compliant with all European Union and British regulations.

To provide you with silky smooth skin, the set includes a wax warmer, hard wax for stripless depilation with coconut and arnica , disposable spatulas, pre-depilatory gel, post-depilatory balm and equipment cleaning fluid. Everything is incredibly easy to use. You throw the wax into the heater and it melts and is ready to go.

You definitely want to take care of your eyebrows too. For this purpose, we will provide you with an eyebrow and eyelash dye, a dye activator, a glass container for mixing the ingredients and a special brush for mixing and applying the dye. The method of use is very simple: just mix the dye with the activator, apply it to the eyebrows for 5 minutes and wash off the remnants of the product. Tadam!

Okay, so what can you spend the saved 6 thousand on? We have some suggestions for you…

  • Louis Vuitton handbag
  • 2 pairs of Louboutin shoes
  • Holidays for two in Ibiza
  • Full event for 20 people
  • 66 Pornstar Martini drinks at the bar
  • Professional manicure course

Mylee sets – don't delay, buy now!

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